Other Services

Strategic advising for high-risk decisions. Analysis of strategic issues with high uncertainty using a range of decision analysis and risk management tools including classification of potential scenarios, identification and evaluation of alternatives and options, assessment of alternatives using real options valuation and other techniques, etc.

Sales and marketing planning and analytical support. Analysis of sales and marketing issues including such areas as market assessment, sales planning, salesforce organization planning, incentive schemes, pricing, and advertising expenditure planning. Analytical support can include development of and/or training on market sizing models, sales planning models, salesforce sizing models, industry structure models, pricing models, advertising spend models, etc.

Strategic sourcing and China sourcing support. Advisory services in the areas of procurement strategy, supplier management, supplier evaluation, sharing procurement services across business units, and management of procurement-related risks. .Also, support for companies interested in sourcing directly in China.

Analytical process and tool design. Design of analytical processes and tools to support business decision-making in the areas described above. Includes economic models, decision models, planning models, market models, etc. Deliverables can include decision frameworks, spreadsheet models, database models, and/or customized software.

Internal Consulting Program Development. Program advising, training, and mentoring for new and developing internal consulting teams. Strategic Management Solutions can help to develop your team’s skills while also providing short-term resources to help get new and growing programs off the ground.

Training. In addition to the consulting and advisory services described above, we also offer specialized training programs in the form of one or two-day workshops, small-group sessions, or one-on-one training sessions covering a range of topics. We offer pre-designed courses as well as customized training related to specific topics of interest. Samples of course offerings:

  • Strategic decision modeling
  • Introduction to business valuation
  • Advanced data analysis using Excel spreadsheets
  • Advanced business modeling using Excel spreadsheets
  • Quantitative demand forecasting techniques
  • Global Supply Chain Strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Quantitative Risk Management
  • Complexity Management
  • Design for Supply Chain
  • Marketing modeling
  • Pricing models
  • Simulation modeling using spreadsheets
  • Customized training related to specific topics of interest

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